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Ed Watters

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Well, here it is. The final episode of Dead America for season four, and the year 2020, which I know a lot of us are happy to see, disappear into history. A lot has happened in the year 2020. And if I could sum it all up in one word, it would be unprecedented. Let's not waste any more time and get into this final episode of Season Four.

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To overcome, you must educate. Educate not only yourself, but educate anyone seeking to learn. We are all Dead America. We can all learn something. To learn. We must challenge what we already understand. The way we do that is through conversation. Sometimes we have conversations with others. However, some of the best conversations happen with ourselves. Reach Out and challenge yourself. Let's dive in and learn something right now. The year 2020 sure has been a whirlwind for a lot of people. It has brought so much uncertainty, along with so many unfamiliar things that most of us have never encountered before. Despite the heavy losses, the heavy differences and just the unbalance in our norm. It's always good to take a look back to see how far you've actually come. And through all of the negative that happened in 2020. We can see there has been positive in our life. Dead America podcast has been struggling for some time to get a foothold in 2020. I think we got our foothold. I really think we found our groove. And we really found our direction. In total. This year, we've done 35 episodes, including this one. 16 of those episodes, were fabulous interviews with some remarkable people that we will be covering in this episode. We saw tremendous growth in 2020 our biggest growth area, it was India, that was very impressive to us. We want to say thank you to India, for that impressive growth in our listenership in India. We also saw a wide variety of listenership growth throughout the world. It's very humbling. And we want to say thank you to the listeners also to the guests that appeared on the Dead America podcast. Without you guys, there isn't a podcast, and we recognize that. When 2020 started for us on the Dead America podcast, we were still presenting you with season two. With the first 11 episodes, we were covering history and historical figures. I highly recommend you take the time and listen to each and every one of those episodes. They have a meaning and a message behind them. The first interview of 2020 was with Andy Hoosier from the Voice of Reason. Me and Andy sat down for an hour, and we spoke about the differences between radio and podcasting. We learned quite a bit in this episode from Andy about the regulations involved in radio, and why it is so difficult for radio to be able to just get their message straight out to us. And the benefits of you having a podcast, which seems to be the best form of free speech that we have available to us. Our second interview of 2020 was with Tracey Maxfield. Tracey is a returning guest on the Dead America podcast. And we sat down with Tracey and discussed her new podcast along with the new course that Tracey put out to help people in their growth. It's always exciting when we sit down with Tracey Maxfield.

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Our next interview came June 10th with Julia Kristina, it was a delight talking with Julia. We sat down and talked about boundaries, it's so important for people to understand, you've got to set boundaries. I highly recommend going back and listening to these interviews. Each and every interview that we had, was meant to help you in some way. Our next interview was on June 17th with Terry Davies. We learn a lot in this interview with Terry, about the differences in cultures and so much more. Then we jumped in with James Perdue on June 24th and we talked about adversity. Adversity, it hits every one of us. How we overcome that adversity, and how we live through it, how we prove to others that we can overcome, this is what I take from this interview. We all have adversity, and James Perdue helps us see how to persevere through paralysis in our life. Our next interview was July 1st with Miha Matlieoski, the fail coach. This was an incredible episode, where Miha talks to us about going from being a millionaire to being in the hole by millions of dollars and then bouncing back from that. Such an incredible story, and this man you want to go listen to. Our next interview we sat down with Brenden Kumarasamy from the Master Talk YouTube channel. I love listening to Brenden. He has so many unique ways to help you with your talk. Mastering how you talk. I highly recommend going over and getting involved with Brenden and learning how to master your talk for your next interview, or presentation. Our next interview was August 3rd with Andrew Seaton. We spoke with Andrew about his new book, Spiritual awakening Made Simple, how to see through the mists of the mind to the peace of the here and now. It was a very interesting conversation, and this guy sees the world in a different light. It's always good to look at another viewpoint. That's kind of what the point of Dead America is. We don't judge people. We always look at everything with open eyes, open ears, and an open heart. We ended season three on August 11th with Dustin Miller, the poly innovator. This was a very interesting, very unique look at education, and how we can fit to the person instead of the person fitting to the education. Very unique how Dustin looks at education. I highly recommend you go in and check out our interview and going and looking at what Dustin has to offer on his website. It was a great way to end the season for season three. At the end of season three, we hit that brick wall moment. And we were not sure if we were actually going to do a season four and a season five. However, we looked back, we saw the growth. We looked at the compliments, we looked at the comments. And we decided, what the heck. Let's go all in on one more season and see how it flies. So we took a little time off from August to November to really realign what we were doing. And to really re evaluate why we were even podcasting. We revitalized ourselves, and we went ahead, we pushed forward with season four.

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We started season four off on November 4th with Ja' Quintin Means. The author of Willie, very interesting take on slavery on a plantation back starting before the Civil War. I highly recommend you pick up a copy of this book. I could not put this book down. It's one of those books, you just want to see what is going to happen next. Then on November 11th, we interviewed Jacqueline Maddison, the CEO, the chief editor of the Beverly Hills magazine. This was such a pleasure to talk with a woman of such stature. Jacqueline's story is very inspiring, and uplifting in many ways. This woman is very spiritual. And to see her at the top of her game in Beverly Hills, it was very impressive. I very much enjoyed my time that I spent with Jacqueline Maddison, and understanding how deep her spirituality was. I highly recommend you going over to Beverly Hills magazine and checking out some of the awesome work that Jacqueline puts out. Then on November 18th, we had the pleasure to speak with Dr. Twyla Dell PhD. We spoke about her new book, Fueling Change. I'll tell you the history that is detailed in this book is incredible. She touches some of the history that most of us forgot, and really some of the history that we need to remember. On November 25th, we sat down and spoke with Alec Sorenson from easier habits.com. Alec helps to see there are ways we can build better habits in our life. Recognizing how to build better habits, and how to implement them so they actually stick. This is why we had Alec on. It's a wonderful source of information and a wonderful way to get your habits in order. On December 2nd, we had the unique opportunity to sit down with Greg Edwards from CryptoStopper dot com. CryptoStopper is a unique software that helps prevent the attack from ransomware. Greg Edwards spoke to us about how his software and his company is at the front of the fight against ransomware. As we all know, recently ransomware has been very high in our news. And Greg is here to help us fight ransomware. Go over and check out what Greg and his company offers at CryptoStopper.com. On December 9th, we had a great time when we sat down with Fitz Kohler from Fitzness.com. And we spoke about her new book, My noisy cancer come back. It's a great read. And I highly recommend everybody going over supporting what Fitz does, and buy a copy of her new book. And then our last interview of 2020 was with Roman Mironov. Roman is a relationship coach that has the experience of divorce. He went through divorce. And yet, he has a very unique outlook on life, and how he overcame the depression of divorce. To come back and to provide you help with your relationship. It's a great thing what Roman is doing, and I highly recommend you going over and checking out Roman. That basically wrapped up all of the interviews in 2020. We have many more interviews already lined up. We are going to start recording for the next season. And I am just impressed with how far Dead America has come.

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I hope you all like, share, and subscribe to our podcast, get involved. Get over and become a guest and tell us your story. Stories change lives. They really matter. You might not think your story matters, but to somebody, it could change their lives. How we change this world is through communicating better with others, understanding others. That's the purpose of Dead America. Before we wrap up this season, and this year, I want to share my favorite episode of 2020 with you. That would be the march 11th episode titled, End of the road. I love all the podcasts I've done because each and every one of them makes me a better person. Each time I step up, and I challenge myself to make a podcast, I become better at what I do. And that's the reason for this. Through it all, we all should be looking to better ourselves. That's what Dead America is about. involve yourself with something and make it good. I hope you enjoyed 2020 with us and make sure you be there for 2021, because we plan on making this even a better year. Ed Watters out and have a very Merry New Year.

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